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Clixsense : how to Earn Money at Clixsense : Step by Step Guide


What is Clixsense? Clixsense is a well-established online advertising website that offers its users an opportunity to earn some extra money online. Clixsense is over 10 years old PTC site and paying users on time without issue. You will get paid to click and view ads, complete online surveys and offers, do tasks, play clix games. There is a lucrative 8 tier affiliate program where you can refer people to clixsense and earn commissions up to 8 referral level deep. 

Here below are some of the major things that i like about clixsense;

 A very well-managed site : Clixsense is one of the oldest PTC sites paying its users since                 February 2007.

 Paying : They are always paying users in time without issue. 

 Many earning features : At clixsense, you can earn money from multiple ways.

 Amazing affiliate program : Clixsense offers the most lucrative affiliate program among all PTC     sites. 

How to Start Earning Money with Clixsense

First you need to go to clixsense website by clicking HERE or by clicking the Register Now button below.  

        join clixsense

Fill in the required information such as your first name, last name, email address, username and password. Click on sign up now button to complete registration.

clixsense registration

Setting up Your Account : After registration, sign in to your account and go to profile and settings. There provide your personal details, your preferred payment method and website preferences. 

1. Earning Money from PTC Ads

Click and View Ads and earn money. Log in to your clixsense account and click on view ads link. The page will display all available ads at the moment. 

click and view ads at clixsense

Click on an ad and the link will open in a new window. Now you are viewing advertiser's website. But before the timer starts running, you need to solve a security gaptcha. 

solving gaptcha at clixsense

You will be shown four pictures of dog and one picture of cat and you need to click on the cat. Once you have clicked the right image, the count-down timer will start. You need to remain on the advertiser's page until the timer runs out after which your account will get credited.

click validation at clixsense

2. Earn Money from Surveys and Offers

You can easily earn money from surveys and offers daily. First of all you should complete your survey profile. This will help clixsense bring you more relevant surveys for you to complete and earn money. Clixsense offers another easy way of increasing your earnings through offers. These offers come from multiple companies that clixsense has partnered with. 

clixsense offers

You can easily earn money by completing various type of offers which include joining websites, downloading free mobile phone applications, taking surveys, cashback shopping and many others.

3. Earn Money from Tasks

At clixsense, you can perform easy tasks and increase your earnings. Tasks are simply set of instructions that you follow and get paid for it. The tasks are provided by Crowdflower company.

clixsense tasks

To access tasks, simply click on the tasks page link on the navigation menu. There all the available tasks will be displayed to you to work on and will look like the picture shown above. You can select any task from the list and start working to earn cash. In order to access crowdflower tasks you must have a facebook account.

3. Earn from Clixgrid

Clixgrid is a game of pure luck. You can play this game and have a chance to win up to $10 everyday. Standard members and premium members have a 30 and 60 chances a day respectively. 

clixsense clixgrid

Simply click anywhere in the picture and you will taken to the advertiser's website. You will need to view the website for 5 or 10 seconds depending on your membership type. After the timer passed, you will know if you are a winner or not.

4. Earn from Affiliate Program

This is clixsense's most lucrative program. You can earn unlimited money with this program. This is a 8-tier affiliate program in which you will get paid from your 8 level downlines. However in order to earn from 8 level referrals, you must be a premium member. Upgrading your account is purely optional and will cost you just $17.00 for one year membership which is easily affordable. Basic members can only earn from their first level down lines.

In order to benefit from this program, start referring others to clixsense by using your unique affiliate link. If they join clixsense through your affiliate link, they will be your first level referrals. If they also refer others like you do and join, then they will be your second level referrals and so on. You will get paid from referrals up to 8 level deep. This is how you will earn money at clixsense without doing anything. 

You will earn money whenever your referrals click ads, complete surveys, do tasks or offers and purchase advertising or membership.

5. Earn from Daily Checklist

Daily checklist is a reward for you for being active. Each day if you complete this checklist, you will be rewarded with a cash bonus that will be directly added to your account balance instantly. 

In order to complete the daily checklist and earn an extra cash bonus, you need to;

  • Click at least 6 PTC ads.
  • Click at least 20 clixgrids.
  • Visit at least one page of clixsense forum.
  • Complete at least 10 tasks or two offers from offers or survey pages.

clixsense daily checklist

How to Withdraw Money from Clixsense

There are many options to withdraw your earnings from clixsense. Clixsense has set a minimum threshold amount to withdraw to your preferred payment processor. Premium members can request for a withdraw once they have a minimum account balance of $6. Whereas a basic/free member can withdraw only when there is a minimum amount of $8.00. 

Clixsense supports some of the major payment processors such as Payoneer, Skrill, Neteller, Payza and Paytoo. Currently i am using Payoneer to withdraw money from clixsense. Once you have withdrawn your money from clixsense to your payoneer account, they will automatically send your money to your local bank account. If you are going to use payoneer, you have to provide your personal bank account details in your personal payoneer profile.

So far i have received eleven payments from clixsense and i have already made $301.00 at clixsense. Have a look at my latest payment from clixsense. 

clixsense payment number 15





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